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          Mark Rhodes Furniture & Kitchen Maker & Woodwork Courses - Norfolk

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          Contact Info     Landline: 01263 577860 Mobile: 07765 861219

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          About Mark Rhodes Furniture

          About Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

          Having?left school in 1989?I went straight into cabinetmaking. ?I served a traditional four year apprenticeship with a company called English House (now sadly gone).? At English House I was taught a collection of?techniques ranging from the traditional hand skills of the cabinet maker;?for example,?hand cut dovetailed drawers, letter carving,?and?hammer veneering, to?all facets of furniture and joinery production.

          Once fully?qualified?I decided to challenge myself further by learning a more modern approach to cabinetmaking.? I?took a position with a luxury motor yacht builder in Holland called?Hakvoort,?and stayed?for two years.? Here?I was taught all aspects of modern cabinetmaking from vacuum veneering for curved work, to modern kitchens, and all forms of fitted furniture.

          But the call of home was beckoning,?I returned to England, and was offered a position with well known furniture creator John Barnard. This is where?I was challenged the most, undertaking many commissions; including the then fledgling Victory series of tables and chairs (helping John develop the first three tables) also making?his bespoke kitchens from sketch to final?fitting, and many other furniture commissions. The time with John Barnard was where?I relearned all the techniques?I thought were set in stone, John taught me to think more outside the box and really think about the design and aesthetics’ of the piece instead of following the more traditional route.

          After?four years with John Barnard, and the subsequent?seven years developing?my own loyal client base, I?decided to start “Mark Rhodes Furniture”.??I now involve myself fully in all features of contemporary and period home enhancement.??I have?my own studio workshops in a converted cattle shed?in the North Norfolk?village of?Calthorpe.