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          Category Archives: ash

          Ripple Olive Ash

          So last year at about this time a client of mine asked about the possibility of having some furniture made from a tree on their property, I went through the pros and cons with them and it it was decided that the tree would be felled by a tree surgeon as it was leaning dangerously […]

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          Ash Bedroom

          Ash Bedroom Just finished the last piece for the ash bedroom suite, here’s a few pictures of the desk in the workshop ready to be loaded and delivered. ?Luckily I will have Luke with me today, because this desk weighs rather a lot, and it’s going upstairs. I decided against bracket feet in the end, […]

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          Kneehole Desk

          Kneehole desk This is one of two desks that I have to make, I’m doing this one first as the other was ordered at a later date. It will be made from English White Ash to match the two wardrobes I recently made. Onto the timber I selected for the top, this needs to finish […]

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          >Ash Wardrobes.

          >OK I will not be doing a step by step on this project, as its all old ground that I’ve already covered in previous posts. However there will be some elements that you might find interesting on the door and drawer panels, they are to be fielded from the centre of the panel, and will need […]

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