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          Mark Rhodes Furniture & Kitchen Maker & Woodwork Courses - Norfolk

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          Contact Info     Landline: 01263 577860 Mobile: 07765 861219

          Category Archives: furniture

          Beech Bar Stools.

          I made this pair of Bar Stools for a close friend, he asked for something organic for his ultra modern kitchen. The asymmetrical base goes with the modern feel to his kitchen island, and the wet dripping gives them an organic look. The bases were joined with mortise and tenons, and all flat surfaces were […]

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          Table and chairs

          Wow has it really been four years, since I updated my blog. Thought I would start on a project that is one of my favourites, a large Oak table and chair set. This was a great project to get my teeth into, and the clients let me have free reign to make them something special. […]

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          >DJ Booth by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

          Oak DJ Booth by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes. Got this finished today, and it took about 2hrs to fit. ?Heres some finished pictures… I’ve enjoyed making this one, and can see me making more curved work in the future. ?The Client was very happy, and wrote the following testimonial… Quality workmanship and Amazing carpentry […]

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          Oak Front Door by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

          > Oak front door by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes. The brief was simple…we want a solid Oak front door. Now this might seem simple at first, couple of stiles, bottom rail, top rail, a few panels, easy yes? Well what my clients wanted wasn’t to be your bog standard frame and panel door, oh […]

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          Brown Oak Coffee Table by Norfolk Furniture Maker Mark Rhodes.

          Brown Oak Coffee Table by Norfolk furniture Maker Mark Rhodes. Now where were we, thats right, Resin… Mix 5-1 and pour. All done. I stood over this and burst the air bubbles when they appeared, then re-poured to fill the voids to excess. Wait 24hrs and then sand, starting with 40g Brilliant Then up to […]

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