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          Beech Bar Stools.

          I made this pair of Bar Stools for a close friend, he asked for something organic for his ultra modern kitchen. The asymmetrical base goes with the modern feel to his kitchen island, and the wet dripping gives them an organic look. The bases were joined with mortise and tenons, and all flat surfaces were […]

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          Lie Nielsen Small Bronze Spokeshave Review

          Lie Nielsen Small Bronze Spokeshave Review. This will mark the first blog post on my new website (I hope you like it). I purchased both the flat and the curved base spokeshaves directly from Lie Nielsen, I now prefer to deal direct with Lie Nielsen rather than one of their distributers over here in England. […]

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          Lie Nielsen Planes

          Lie Nielsen Planes. I’ve been somewhat?sceptical about premium planes for a number of years, thinking they offer the same as a well fettled Stanley or Record. That?scepticism was somewhat shattered today when I took delivery of two Lie Nielsen planes, a 60 1/2, and a 042. These are of course based on Stanley, Record, and […]

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