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          Mark Rhodes Furniture & Kitchen Maker & Woodwork Courses - Norfolk

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          Contact Info     Landline: 01263 577860 Mobile: 07765 861219

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          Ripple Olive Ash

          So last year at about this time a client of mine asked about the possibility of having some furniture made from a tree on their property, I went through the pros and cons with them and it it was decided that the tree would be felled by a tree surgeon as it was leaning dangerously […]

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          Norfolk Cabinet Maker Mark Rhodes.

          Norfolk Cabinet Maker Mark Rhodes. Hello everyone, my name is Mark Rhodes I have been a Cabinet Maker working in Norfolk since I left school in 1989, and before that I was a hobbyist clinging to my cabinet maker grandfather’s glue smeared apron strings. ?It was largely his?influence that sent me on this path, most […]

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